Tana Toraja, Indonesia


Tana Toraja is one of the Indonesian tourist attraction, inhabited by a tribe who inhabit the mountains of Toraja and maintaining a distinctive lifestyle and still show the original Austronesian lifestyle and culture are similar to Nias. This area is one tourist attraction in South Sulawesi. Tana Toraja is one of the prime tourist South Sulawesi. You will see the indigenous people known as Tana Toraja where death ceremonies to sacrifice hundreds of buffalo and pigs. Toraja funeral rites are very well known to people overseas. Not only the natural charm of Tana Toraja offers a view of the mountains. The atmosphere is cool because they are located in the highlands.

If you have time for only a day to explore Tana Toraja, there are 2 options would explore Toraja Toraja northern or southern. In Tana Toraja southern part includes: Kete ‘Kesu, Lemo, Londa, Tilanga, Kambira, Suaya, and city tour Rantepao. While in Tana Toraja northern include Batutumonga, Bori ‘, Market Bolu, Lokomata, Singki’ and City tour Rantepao. Toraja tourist dominated cliff tombs and caves, landscapes, death ceremonies and other beautiful spots. There are two famous graves in Tana Toraja, namely Londa and Lemo. Both of them became main attraction in Tana Toraja. To get into Londa each visitor is obliged to pay 5 cent $. Cheap, but to get into the cave you must rent your lantern lamps and all around 2,5$. Because the coffins were the main attraction of tourists is located deep in the dark cave, wet, and slippery. The people who died and put on the Londa is a family member of the nobility only. The second was Lemo, located on the rocky cliffs and the surrounding rice fields. Unlike Londa which requires visitors to rent some latern, Lemo is bright enough and it’s not located inside the cave. Coffins in the insert into the holes in the rocks and there is certainly a doll that resembles the person who died or Tau-Tau.


  • Some roads are not asphalted so use the right car, even when the weather is good between May and October.
  • If you are expected to visit this place, you must dressed in traditional customs and respect the rules of the Toraja people.
  • Pay attention to your head when entering a traditional home Tongkonan because the halls were very low. You can bring gifts for them like cigarettes when entering Tongkonan.
  • If you are in Toraja ought to be careful in choosing a stall because most stalls offer a variety of culinary Pig and Pantollo like Meatballs.

Image credit : bramakumbara08


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