Malioboro Street, Indonesia



If you ever been to Borobudur temple, this place may no longer strange to you. Malioboro street is located in the same city with borobudur temple, Central java Yogyakarta. Malioboro Street that had been familiar to the tourists Yogyakarta is still special indeed provide a variety of cheap shopping facilities as well as expensive for the quality. This street is famous for its culture, batik, painting, music, vendors, accessories, and traditional food. Malioboro path length is not more than 2 miles. During the day, Malioboro street is extremely crowded with travelers and people who indulge around Yogyakarta Malioboro Street, while the right side of the road are shops of various kinds of basic needs. Conversely at night, filled with the scent of Malioboro variety of mouthwatering culinary offerings, which lay on the mat hundreds Lesbian point with a typical menu gudeg Yogyakarta, Java Noodles, and a wide selection of chicken / pigeon / duck grilled and fried. Malioboro street is a legendary iconic city of Yogyakarta with life contrast between day and night.


  • If local merchants know that you are a tourist they will set a very high price for their goods, try to bargain 1/3 of the price they give.
  • Remember this place is extremely crowded, beware of pickpocket
  • Sosrowijayan is a street located in a small street in the Malioboro area or about 200 meters from Monument Station. This area is famous as a tourist village because of the many available various hostels with very affordable rates.
  • Most of them speak indonesia and traditional language, the best option is travelling with tour guide.

Image credit : meefro683 & stoneage43


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