Wakatobi National Park, Indonesia




Okay, looks lke so many people waiting for second part. This is the second part of four legendary diving spot in Indonesia. Wakatobi National Park is a marine national park, located in south of Sulawesi island Indonesia. Keep in your mind that Indonesia have four of ten best diving spot in the world. Most of people calling “Heaven of all the sea or Underwater Nirwana” for this scenery. Wakatobi has amazingly beautiful coral reefs and beautiful fish that make the traveler around the world do not get tired of visiting these attractions. As long as you know, Wakatobi has 750 of the 850 species of coral, coral species and diverse sea creatures that have been hard to find in other areas. Wakatobi is more than just diving and snorkeling, you can also watch the dolphins or enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset at Hoga, one of the best spots in this spot. Wakatobi own name actually stands for the four main islands, namely Wanci, KAledupa, TOmia, and BInongko. Most Wakatobi food prepared in traditional way called kasuami, luluta, hebatu and many other. Wakatobi has many lodging options ranging from standard hotel with rates of up to 15$ per night with a five-star resort rates reached 150$ per night.

Towards Wakatobi, there are a lot of ways. But the easiest access is through Kendari. From Kendari, there are two options, by sea or air. You can go by air through Jakarta to bau-bau and continues to land on Wakatobi  Matohara Airport on Wangi-Wangi. Another option is the Makassar-Kendari. Many airlines serving this route, then by sea you can ride the ferry about 10 hours from Kendari to Wanci. In the waves, this route is not recommended, especially for families with children. Accidents at sea are very rare but risky seasickness. If you want to save money, taking a ship is a sensible choice


  • The best time for diving, in Wakatobi is from March through December.
  • If you have no equipment, no need to worry because there are many in the Wakatobi diving and snorkeling equipment rental, complete with a guide and a boat that will take you to the dive
  • Dont forget to bring your water resistant camera to record best scenery in the underwater

Image credit : llemonthyme


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