Mount Merapi, Indonesia

puncak merapi


Merapi isn’t the highest or one of UNESO heritage site, it’s just mountain with legendary sunrise. The peak around 1,730+ miles above sea level.  It is located approximately 28 miles from north of the Yogyakarta city (central java). The mountain is very dangerous because according to modern records experiencing eruption (peak of activity) every two to five years and is surrounded by a very dense settlement.  Keep in your mind that this mountain is used for hiking.

Another distinctive feature of this is the formation of Mount Merapi lava dome that can reach hundreds of cubic meters per day, which is the largest number in the history of the world volcanic eruptions. The last major eruption occurred in late 1993 that led to dozens of surrounding slopes died hit by hot lava and heat clouds.
Even so, the mountain is almost never empty of hikers, even on Sundays a lot of climbers who come. To reach the summit of Mount Merapi, we can get through two main pathways, through Kinaharjo or Kaliurang and through Selo or Boyolali, but hiking trails Ground in closed temporarily since the November 1995. At the peak of Mount Merapi never overgrown vegetation due to high activity of the mountain


  • Use goggles to protect eyes and protect skin with a lotion of irritation due to volcanic ash.
  • The weather at the top of the mountain cold and dark, especially if you are trekking before sunrise so it is recommended to bring a flashlight, warm clothes, water, food and comfortable shoes.
  • Ascent from base camp to prepare water for the journey, because along the hiking trail there is no source of water, it will load carried more weight. However, it will help you while climbing this mountain.
  • establish a tent in the Market Bubrah as your resting place, where it is the last camp on the trim. The place is quite extensive and many rocks as our protector from strong winds.
  • Do the five hour trip to the summit in the morning to get a view of the sunrise. Track to the summit is quite steep, since it takes a long time to reach the peak.

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