Karimun Java, Indonesia



This is the most wanted part. Karimun java is one of four legendary diving spot in Indonesia (i will give the other one on my next post :D). Karimunjawa is an islands in the Java Sea, Central Java. With a land area of ​​1,500 hectares and waters ± ± 110,000 acres, Karimunjawa now developed into a tourist charm Marine Park which began much-loved local and foreign tourists. Karimunjawa is home to coral reefs, mangrove forests, coastal forests, and nearly 400 species of marine fauna, including 242 species of ornamental fish. Berhabitat some rare fauna here is Sea Eagle White Chest, hawksbill and green turtles. Plants that characterized National Park Karimunjawa namely Dewadaru (Crystocalyx macrophyla) found in lowland rainforest. Waves at Karimunjawa is weak, which is mostly limited by the beach is the beach of fine white sand. 

The best time to visit the islands is during the dry season, generally from April to October. There are a number of dive sites and a diving resort. There is pressure on local environmental resources because of the rapidly-expanding tourist industry. The most common use for transportation to the Publications is the ship from Semarang and Jepara. From Tanjung Emas Semarang, Kartini I ship departs every Saturday at 9 am to the back of Karimunjawa Karimunjawa and every Sunday afternoon, 2-3 hour long crossing. You can find many beach around karimun jawa insland, such as Nirwana, barakuda, ujung gelam, batu karang pengantin. For those of you who want to Karimun Jawa, you can follow the local local tour for around 100$. You should not be fooled by the cheap price offer. Because usually the facilities provided are also cheap, so you need to choose a travel tour is best for you.

Residents on the island of Karimun Jawa is very friendly and good natured. They are very excited to welcome tourists both local and foreign. In fact they uphold customary honesty and decency. And most importantly, they keep the island and also to preserve it. It’s all of those who have not seen littering the sea.



  • It’s hard to find ATM around the island. You need to prepare enough money.
  • Bring aromatherapy oils, it will help you prevent seasickness while crossing from Jepara or Semarang
  • Almost no toilet around the island, since most of them uninhabited islands
  • Electricity in Karimunjawa just lit 12 hours, from at 6pm to 6am, use it to charge all electronic equipment such as Cameras, HP, Handycam, etc..
  • Fish and Corals in Karimus java is very beautifull, but some of them is poisonus. Beware…

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