Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia



Raja Ampat located off the northwest tip of bird’s nest on the island of New Guinea, Indonesia. To go Raja ampat island, you need Jakarta to Sorong flight path. To get in Sorong from Jakarta approximately cost 3 million rupiah and takes around 7 hour, due transit in Makassar around 2 hour. From Sorong airport called Domine Eduard Osok you can walk out go to the main road to the town of Sorong. Using yellow color public transportation go to the port and use people’s boat to the capital of raja ampat. Ship of the people will cost of 12$/ person per day sail around at 14.00 CEST. Keep your plane arrived at Sorong before at 12.00 CET, so you can wait for a break before leaving the ship. People traveling by boat from Sorong to Raja Ampat take around two hours. 

Wesai is capital of raja ampat island. In Wesai will find a lot of hotel cost around 30-50$/ a day. For the purposes of exploration diving and sailing to the islands of Raja Ampat, you can hire a local boat. Most of domestic tourism likely to stay in Sorong, because some of hotel in Sorong offer a day’s trip to raja ampat without living in Wesai. If you want to keep stay in Sorong, you will need to rent a speedboat that cost around 800$/ day with a capacity of 20 persons per boat. You can see the beautiful white beaches and clean sea water is very clear so that the corals and fish can be seen directly from the dock. If you stay in Sorong, they have a good seafood, such as fish, crabs, and shrimp grilled, and fast food are often found in Sorong. Typical fish is a fish budara Sorong. This fish has a lot of meat and bones of so rare a small thorns that can be stuck in the throat. In the night, along the beach wall tents are often found stalls selling various kinds of seafood, grilled chicken, and many kind of traditional food.


  • If you’re a backpacker, and searching for a cheaper homestay, try Koranu Fyak Homestay located in Kri islands beside wesai city (around 30 minute using speed boat), that will cost around 25$/ a day included 3 times meal. In this place they offer guide for diving, snorkeling, bird waching, and treking.
  • Dont forget to bring sunblock, sunscreen, and underwater camera since they have a very good underwater view

Image Credit : ArvineNugraha & rwiradinatayudith


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