Kuta Beach, Indonesia


Kuta beach is located in bali island, Indonesia. This beach is one of very popular tourism destination and domestic visitor from jakarta. it have white sand, strong wind, bright sunshine and some of them sunbathing around the beach, swimming, or surving (you can find surving school in this beach) and of course it have a great sunset ! Usually local people will offer service for paracelling, motor boat, diving, surfing board, banana boat, for a cheap penny (Indonesian use rupiah/ IDR). in the night, most of them walking around the city and bought local souvenir. With around 100-200$/ a day you can stay in the hotel around the city. Many famous international bands and celebrities have voluntarily played and sung some music in the kuta. in this time kuta popularity grew. There are various foreign and local restaurants that offering international and local foods. some of the restaurant are open till late night

There are plenty of taxi aroud kuta city, you can rent this car for your accomodation around city. Some of local people will offer motorcycle, this is only optional for you who like travelling with a motorcycle.

in the middle of Kuta city, you can find monument of memorial wall to remember tragedy of bombing in 2002, many of them are australian people and local indonesian worker.

some tips :

  • Bring a bathing suit and extra clothings, and sun protection
  • If you’re looking for cheap accommodation in Kuta, try to go Poppies Lane Alley, you can pick your low-budget inns and restaurants
  • Warungs (local shop in Indonesia called warung) offering cheap food are within 2 minute walk from poppie lane

 Image credit :  JacquelineBarkla


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